Hi thar'

So I just wanted to pop by and let you know what changes I've been rolling out lately.
My lack of activity before this was caused partly caused by a short vacation but also the fact that my system has been horribly unstable the past month or so, giving bluescreen upon bluescreen. Making it almost impossible to do anything.
Now it's all good. I've got my (broken) motherboard replaced and the CPU aswell, so I'm good to go and ready to take action!

Anyways, here are the recent changes:
- Added a way to fight the enderdragon. Simply type /warp end
- Added the /tpa command to the Regular rank with a 15 minute cooldown
- Added a warp navigation menu, for easier access to warps for newcomers, type /kit menu  to get it
    - This menu is a work-in-progress, more options will be added along the way
- Added the lottery. Drawn every 4 hours you may win money, type /lottery for more info
- Updated (finally) treasuretown to function properly with 1.7
- Updated our ban database to fix various issues
- Updated Essentials which brought us a few new handy commands / fixes of various things
- Fixed some problems we had when IP-banning a player

And here's what I am working on next:
pooploser8776 how come i cant log onto the server
Darmic Nice! Great job like always freakdk!
dobcool The warp end on the kit menu and the actual command to not work since this is only 10 mins into this new update i feel ...